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Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 2012-05-22 17:25:49.

.... only a few days passed by since the Pride 2012 was finished!

In less than 365 days the Gay Pride Maspalomas (2013) will begin.

And so you know at which dates you should be in Gran Canaria:
04th - 12th May 2012!

Of course, at this moment, just the dates were announced, but once we get new informations (program, etc.) we will post them here for sure!
(See below: For more information ...)

Currently all Gay Accommodations are available, but the most popular will be fully booked soon.
Do not wait too long ....

Gay Holiday Gran Canaria

The best photos and impressions of the event in 2012 you can find at the following link:

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012

So and now we have to wait, but for sure the Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 will come....

For more information click here

News from 2012-05-22 17:25:49

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Gay Maspalomas News

Jockstrap Gay Pool Party - Tropical la Zona (Gran Canaria)

Jockstrap Gay Pool Party - Tropical la Zona (Gran Canaria) News Gay Maspalomas.The pool party at Gay Bungalows Tropical La Zona during the Dunas Festival 2014...
Dunas Festival Gran Canaria: 12th August - 17th August 2014 more

Cirque Du Soleil (Dralion) - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Cirque Du Soleil (Dralion) - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria News Gay Maspalomas.
The famous Cirque du Soleil with the show Dralion in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
These kind of events are (unfortunately) rare in Gran Canaria... more

The Summer Splash 2014 - Charity Event for ACES

The Summer Splash 2014 - Charity Event for ACES News Gay Maspalomas.In partnership with GLAY - A Charity Event for ACES (Amigos contra el Sida) in the Basment Studios (Sunday, 10th August 2014)... more

Maspalomas Summer Fiesta 2014 - The Program

Maspalomas Summer Fiesta 2014 - The Program News Gay Maspalomas.
For the first time another Gay Festival is planned for this summer in Gran Canaria...
Maspalomas Summer Fiesta: 29th August - 01st September 2014 more

Maspalomas Bear Carnival 2015

Maspalomas Bear Carnival 2015 News Gay Maspalomas.

A new event for Bears and friends in Gran Canaria -
The Bear Carnival Maspalomas 2015... more

Apartments Las Gacelas (Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria)

Apartments Las Gacelas (Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria) News Gay Maspalomas....again bookable via Gay Maspalomas - Since 01st July 2014 with new management

Further Information - Aptos. Las Gacelas

A super centrally located Apartment complex (gay friendly), directly opposite the Yumbo Center and with very reasonable prices... Already bookable for Maspalomas Pride (08th - 17th May 2015)

Gay&Lesbian Boat Trip (Gran Canaria)

Gay&Lesbian Boat Trip (Gran Canaria) News Gay Maspalomas.After the summer break, the first boat trip is planned to be on Wednesday, 06th August 2014...
An awesome day on the Atlantic Ocean... more

Maspalomas Summer Fiesta 2014

Maspalomas Summer Fiesta 2014 News Gay Maspalomas.This August has much to offer...

The Dunas Festival 2014 from 12th to 17th August 2014 and brand new -
The first edition of the Maspalomas Summer Fiesta... more

 News Gay Maspalomas.

Gay Pride Faces - Maspalomas Pride 2014

Gay Pride Faces - Maspalomas Pride 2014 News Gay Maspalomas.Just a few more hours left and the Maspalomas Pride 2014 will begin...
The program is great again and includes many highlights!

Of course, Gay Maspalomas will keep you up to date with the best photos and the latest informations around the Pride 2014 -
So you're almost a part of it, even if you can unfortunately not be in Gran Canaria!

Gay Pride Faces 2014 Yes ... we are a part of it!

Gay Pride Faces 2014

The program and all about the Gay Pride 2014:

Maspalomas Pride 2014

The whole team of Gay Maspalomas wishes you a great Gay Pride 2014!


New by Gay

Ricky's Caberet Bar (Yumbo Center, Gran Canaria)

Longest established Comedy Drag Bar in the Yumbo Center...An experience you'll never forget!

Bar Peppermint (Yumbo Center, Gran Canaria)

The small and cozy Cocktail Bar in the Six Pack Zone (Yumbo Center)...

Best of Maspalomas Pride 2014

The Best of of Maspalomas Pride 2014 at a glance...
The summary of a great Pride 2014 and a foretaste to Gay Pride Gran Canaria 2015!

Gay&Lesbian Boat Trip - Supercat (Gran Canaria)

...a great day on the Atlantic Ocean -
Gay&Lesbian Boat Trip on a big catamaran (every wednesday)...!

Maspalomas Pride 2014 Main Stage - The Final Gala Show

The last show on the main stage in 2014 - THE highlight of this evening: Cascada...
Sunday, 25th May 2014

Maspalomas Gay Pride 2015: 08th - 17th May 2015



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